Czech / Czech Republic

Hlava v hlavě
(A head in the head)

Buddeus, Ondřej (text)
Böhm, David (illus.)
Praha: Labyrint, 2013. – 119 p.
(Series: Raketa)
ISBN 978-80-86803-24-1

Head | Brain | Sense organs | Wordplay

An entire book about the head that shows how the parts – nose, eyes, ears, brain, neck, wrinkles – work and explains common Czech idioms and expressions they’re featured in. Th is non-fi ction book is the work of the great Czech children’s book prize winners of 2013, author Ondřej Buddeus (b. 1984) and illustrator David Bohm (b. 1982). Here they create an informative, entertaining and slightly off -kilter panopticon of the head. Alongside funny explanations, for example how a computer-aided search sift s through facial features, there are Wild West-styled ≫Wanted!≪ posters – sometimes as whole-page illustrations, sometimes as comic strips.

The book’s overall design is also playful and inspires curiosity. There is a fold-out tourist map of the head with appropriate town names (≫Earville≪, ≫Mouthtown≪) and further fun fold-out elements such as see-through pages with facial wrinkles that one can lay on top of images of young faces to simulate the aging process. (Age: 5+)