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Tembel balık Sefa
(Sefa the lazy fish)

Kozikoğlu, Tülin (text)
Girgin, Sedat (illus.)
İstanbul: Redhouse, 2015. – [28] p.
(Series: LeyLa Fonten’den öyküler) (Kidz R)
ISBN 978-605-4119-94-3

Laziness – Birthday – Picture book

Leyla Fonten, the supposed great-great-granddaughter of famous French author Jean de La Fontaine, shares her home with nine different animals, each with a distinct character trait. “Tembel balık Sefa” is one of nine titles of an entertaining picture book series focusing on these animals. While Sefa the fish goofs off in his bowl as usual and is oblivious to his surroundings, Leyla and the animals get ready for a big event. When they shout out “Surprise!”, it turns out that all the preparations were for Sefa’s birthday. Lazy Sefa feels embarrassed that he didn’t help his friends, but they all assure him that they should have fun now and laze around together the next day. Through animals, each book of this series addresses a human character trait. Without being didactic, the books enable children to empathise with various emotions, from anxiousness to jealousy. In this volume, the rhymed text of well-known children’s author Tülin Kozikoğlu is combined with playful, comic-like illustrations by up-and-coming illustrator Sedat Girgin. (Age: 4+)