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Söderberg, Marta (text)
[Stockholm]: Gilla Böcker, 2014. – 279 p.
ISBN 978-91-86634-50-6

Mental disorder – Self-harm – Hospital – Family

“Do you hear that? I want back in. Back in the fold. To be a full-time little psycho again.” After six years in various psychiatric and social facilities, Ramona is let out – a trial, but also because no one knows what else to do with her and what to do to help her. Ramona does not feel ready for the world outside, because the “black bird” is still on the hunt for her and makes her keep cutting herself with razor blades, deeper and deeper. She is frustrated and ashamed, because she doesn’t want all of this, but can’t do any better. Her father is helpless, her mother overwhelmed. Only her friend Louisa is something of an anchor, but Ramona can barely accept help and affection. When she meets Mark, she falls in love, but does not trust her feelings. This novel imparts striking glimpses into the inner world of an insecure girl, who wants to be “normal” ,like in the sometimes somewhat dubious practices of various “institutions”. (Age: 14+)