A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Spanish / Spain

Polvo de roca
(Rock dust)

Granero, Nono (text)
Alibeu, Géraldine (illus.)
[Barcelona]: A Buen Paso, 2014. – [36] p.
ISBN 978-84-941579-8-1

Wanderlust – Perseverance – Self-fulfillment – Picture book

A round rock is majestically sitting on top of a mountain – a headstrong, self-confident specimen of its kind, which does not like being considered inanimate and inert. To tell the truth, it would certainly be great if she could see something of the world. So the rock unrelentingly beleaguers a passing geologist with words until the infuriated scientist smashes the rock into pieces and she has turned into dust, happily taking off with the wind in all directions: across the sea, the desert, everywhere. Eventually, one of the sand particles, all salty from the sea, ends up in the eye of the geologist – a little greeting from afar, awakening the longing for far-away places in him as well. This picture book perfectly succeeds in blending text and image to tell a story of wanderlust, perseverance, and the realization of one’s dreams, which is just as funny and witty as it is subtle and poetic. The simple colour illustrations evoke the vastness of the story and provide readers with plenty of space to start dreaming.
(Age: 6+)