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Mi pesadilla favorita
(My favourite nightmare)

Solar, María (text)
Lires, María (illus.)
Pacheco Vázquez, Mercedes (transl.)
Madrid: Siruela, 2015. – 149 p.
(Series: Las tres edades; 256)
ISBN 978-84-16396-16-0
(Galician original title: O meu pesadelo favorito. Vigo: Galaxia, 2015)

Dream – Reality – Nonsense

A boy with a high fever being treated with medications for dogs and cats. His father, “the mole”, who had been drilling on the little island they call home for years, until there was nothing left to drill – and then started producing cheese with holes. Then there is also the kisser Alicia “from Wonderland” who should not be mistaken for the “real” Alice, and of course an apple-green alien who creeps out of the toilet bowl and unfortunately smells that way, too. The author wastes no time, starting things with a bang on page one of this book for lovers of nonsense and absurd humour. The episodic story has no strict plot structure but instead offers a new twist in every chapter, while also leaving room for serious themes and reflective moments. Reality and (feverish) dream are melted into one another in a marvellous manner; the transitions are fluid. María Solar was awarded the renowned Premio Lazarillo in 2014 for the Galician-language manuscript.
(Age: 9+)