A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Slovak / Slovakia

Môj dedko rýchly šíp
(My Grandpa Fast Arrow)

Hlušíková, Marta (text)
Švrčková, Eva (illus.)
Bratislava: Slovart [et al.], 2013. – 80 p.
ISBN 978-80-556-0877-8

Idyll – Summer – Native Americans – Adventure 

Anyone who likes retro-illustrations will love “Môj dedko rýchly šíp,”, as Eva Švrčková (b. 1985) uses matte, sweeping, angled illustrations to represent an idyllic children’s summer outdoors. Her illustrations have received multiple awards in Slovakia (including “Most Beautiful Book of the Year” in 2014) and somewhat recall the aesthetic of the 1960s. In short entertaining chapters, Marta Hlušíková tells us the story of little Rinka, who stays with her grandparents over summer vacation. While there, she enters a world of totem poles, battle axes, peace pipes and wise sayings, tests of bravery and pledges of honour. Grandpa becomes “Fast Arrow”, Grandma the shaman who knows secret recipes, Rinka earns the name “Brave Deer” and even the yard chickens become dignified members of this off-beat tribe. Sometimes all it takes to make an exciting adventure of a summer in the country are a few chicken and goose feathers and grandpa’s old pipe. (Age: 5+)