A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Portuguese / Portugal


Pessoa, Ana (text)
Carvalho, Bernardo P. (illus.)
Carcavelos: Planeta Tangerina, 2014. – 156 p.
(Series: Dois passos e um salto)
ISBN 978-989-8145-59-8

Coming of age – First love – Death – Grandfather / Grandson

In “Supergigante”, the latest volume in the noteworthy series “Dois passos e um salto” (three titles have appeared so far), Edgar experiences both the saddest and at the same time happiest day of his life: His grandfather passes away, and Joana kisses him. Overwhelmed by emotion both despairing and euphoric, feeling at once downtrodden and on cloud nine, he just starts to run. When Edgar runs, he can express his feelings and organize his thoughts. He himself tells the story: Memories, images, conversations, and encounters race through his mind on this day, a day with both light and dark facets, which will mark a decisive step on his path to adulthood. Quick-paced with repetitions, ruptures, and temporal leaps in the plot, the structure of the text aptly conveys the protagonist’s inner life. As young adult novels are very rarely illustrated, Bernardo P. Carvalho’s silkscreen-style pictures are indeed worth mentioning: colourful and dynamic, they accompany the story beautifully. (Age: 13+)