A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Portuguese / Brazil

74 dias para o fim
(74 days until the end)

Lopes, Angélica (text)
Manzo, Maurizio (illus.)
Belo Horizonte, MG: Lê, 2014. – 178 p.
ISBN 978-85-329-0788-2

Bullying – School – Peer pressure 

The reasons behind bullying and other kinds of psychological and physical violence often remain in the dark. Besides, many victims are so shocked that they even blame themselves - as does the protagonist of this novel. Completely out of the blue, sixteen-year-old Valdir is suddenly faced with the hostility of a classmate whom most of the other pupils follow blindly. At first, Valdir believes that he will somehow survive the 74 days until the end of his school career – hence the book’s title. Yet, the problem really escalates, and he starts questioning and doubting himself more and more. Luckily enough, thanks to a courageous friend, he eventually manages to take matters back into his own hands and break through the humiliating paralysis. Angélica Lopes has Vadir tell the story himself in retrospect, from his point of view as an adult. In a fluent language and with a clear eye for the experiences and everyday life of adolescents, she aptly captures the feelings and psychology of the characters. (Age: 14+)