A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Portuguese / Brazil

A história de Akykysia, o dono da caça / Akykysia
(The story of Akykysia, the wild animals’ master)

Carelli, Rita (adapt/illus.)
São Paulo: Cosac Naify, 2014. – [48] p. + DVD
(Series: Um dia na aldeia; 1)
ISBN 978-85-405-0683-1
Text in Portuguese and Wayampi

Wayampi <people> – Hunting – Monster –
Ogre – Myth – Picture book 

The six-volume series “Um dia na aldeia” (A day in the village) is based on the remarkable film project “Vídeos nas aldeias” (Videos in the villages). Teachers of this Brazilian film school take cameras to remote areas of the country, so that members of various indigenous groups are able to tell myths from their culture in short videos. For this picture book series, six of these filmed tales were retold and illustrated with glowing colours by Rita Carelli. The first volume, “A história de Akykysia”, is a myth from the Wayampi people, who live in the country’s north and consist of just over a thousand members. It features the man-eating Akykysia, who takes revenge on humans for killing wild animals. The series stands out not only for the innovative idea, but also for the felicitous design of the six bilingual books. The attractive layout and the meticulous printing in bright colours on high-quality paper make these books special. Each title is accompanied by a DVD that shows the respective short film. (Age: 6+)