Spanish / Chile

Al sur de la Alameda. Diario de una toma
(South of the Alameda. Diary of an occupation)

Larra, Lola (text)
Reinamontes, Vicente (illus.)
Santiago de Chile: Ed. Ekaré Sur, 2014.
– 285 p.
ISBN 978-956-8868-13-0

Chile / 2006 | Educational policy | Student protest | School occupation | Fictional diary

In 2006, thousands of students protested in Chile during the so-called Penguin Revolution for a better, more just educational system. ≫Al sur de la Alameda≪ tells the story of a (fictional) school occupation against the backdrop of these events.

Fifteen-yearold Nicolas reports on the events in diary form from the perspective of a teen who initially is more interested in sports and girls than in politics and who sees the whole thing as a blending of everyday with exceptional circumstances. Striking, comic-like illustrations in black, white, red, and blue hues form the second narrative level. Recalling close-up shots taken by a camera, they show the same events with additional details from the view of an omniscient female narrator – an old lady from the neighbouring house, whose identity remains hidden until the end.

This book is suspenseful both in content and in form and design, and it succeeds in both text and picture. This is Ediciones Ekare’s first overt offering for young adults. (Age: 13+)