Korean / Republic of Korea

Yeonin e Seoul na deuri
(Little Yeoni’s journey to Seoul)

Go, Seung hyeon ( Ko, Seung Hyun) (text)
Yun, Jeoung ju ( Yoon, Jung-Joo) (illus.)
Gim, Jeongin (advisor)
Seoul: Chaeg il gneun gom (= Bearbooks),
2014. – [44] p.
(Series: Woori Munhwa Kvrimch‘aek; 18)
ISBN 979-11-85564-04-3

Seoul / 1900 | Korea / Western culture

This book invites readers on a journey to the time and place where modern life in Korea began. In the early 1900s, when Western culture and new technologies were being introduced in Korea.

Yeoni, Cheori, and Deogy live on the outskirts of the city and visit the historic downtown of Seoul. There are trams full of people, telephone poles, streetlights and Western-style brick buildings. Seoul is filled with many eye-opening new products, but the most exciting part for the three friends are Western people, who look very different from them. While adults keep their distance from the Western people because they are afraid of the harm that contact with Western culture may bring, the girls step across cultural boundaries.

Ko Seung Hyun studied economics and finance before he began his writing career. Yoon Jung-Joo studied Western painting at Hongik University and received the Silver Prize at the second Shinhan Children’s Comics Contest. (Age: 4+)