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Tanaka, Hiko (text)
Augmented new edition
Tōkyō: Fukuinkan Shoten, 2014. – 458 p.
ISBN 978-4-8340-8051-3

Grandmother / Niece | Family | Trust

The first edition of this multi-faceted novel about unusual family constellations, gender roles, the parent-child relationship, and feminism appeared in 1992. Its plot revolves around thirteen-year-old Tsubasa, who lost both of her parents and since lives with her divorced grandmother. Her grandfather moved into a senior’s residence where he married a woman he met there.

The story begins when a young couple, Kiwamu und Umi, find emergency short-term refuge in Tsubasa’s grandmother’s home. The inhabitants soon develop familial bonds. Hiko Tanaka adds a chapter to this new edition that describes the relationship between Tsubasa, now an artist, and Umi’s daughter. For Tanaka, family, even without blood ties, is the ideal form of interpersonal, cross-generational relationship. All you need is love, trust, and the autonomy of individuals. (Age: 13+)