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Ē epanastasē tōn paliōn paichnidiōn
(The revolt of the old toys)

Mpulōtēs, Chrēstos ( Boulotis, Christos) (text)
Stephanidē, Phōteinē(Stephanidi, Photini) (illus.)
Athēna: Kalentēs, 2013. – 48 p.
ISBN 978-960-219-288-7

Toy | Communal spirit | Courage | Dignity

A wind-up monkey lands on the head of a writer and tells him eagerly of the revolt of the forgotten toys. These toys had to learn to fight against being forgotten, for the light and care they lack and even for the button eye that the cat stole. Their protest march is broken up by men in uniform and the old garbage disposal machine. More than half of the toys retreat back to the safety of the musty old toy box. Everything threatens to fall apart – what they need is a plan.

Christos Boulotis’s story champions the values of community spirit, courage, and human dignity. Inspired by the personal toy collection of the author soon to enrich the Myrina-Lemnos Museum, Photini Stefanidi brings the toys to life sing a vibrant palette and her characteristic love for accented details, which invite readers to look at the pictures more carefully. (Age: 4+)