Dutch / The Netherlands

Mijn bijzonder rare week met Tess
(My particulary odd week with Tess)

Woltz, Anna (text)
Amsterdam: Querido, 2013. – 167 p.
ISBN 978-90-451-1488-0

Father / Daughter | Family

Ten-year-old Samuel is spending a week with his family in a holiday house on the Dutch island Texel, where he meets a peculiar girl called Tess. She has a special plan: Her father does not know that he has a daughter, but Tess has managed to fi nd out his name and address. Tess wants to meet her father and then decide if she wants to reveal her true identity to him. Samuel assists her with this plan, yet at the same time he is plagued by his own insecurity and existential questions.

Anna Woltz has written a funny and entertaining story with deeper layers – in this way it has something to off er to both experienced and new readers. Woltz narrates an interesting development in her protagonists. With her extrovert character, Tess pushes Samuel to decide between continuing to be a spectator or taking his life into his own hands. Big life questions, as well as countless silly passages and slapstick moments are interwoven in a lively and highly original plot. (Age: 9+)